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Floating Charging Station

ODE2U Floating Charging Station

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Dimensions: 60cm wide x 30cm deep x 16cm high


At last, a solution to the tangle of messy wires that those chargers for cellphones, laptops, iPods and cameras inevitably trail behind them. The Floating Charging Station is a stylishly designed floating drawer that has a wire manager inside the drawer with a neat row of slots that hold the wires of all your gadgets in place while they are charging. Close the drawer and you have a contemporary piece of furniture. Open it and easily remove the gadget or its charger when you need to take it with you.

So how does it work? Simply put the multi-plug of your choice inside the unit and plug it into the wall socket. Now simply plug your multitude of chargers into the multi-plug and put the charger wires into the wire manager, one hole each. Now your charger wire plugs are all neatly organised and ready to be used.

  To use, simply open the unit, take out the charger plug of your choice, plug it into the device and close the unit.
  When finished, push the plug and wire back and close the unit.


Surfaces to fix to:

  • Plastered brick, cement brick and concrete walls (wall fasteners supplied)
  • Softwalls / Drywalls (wall fasteners supplied)
  • Timber walls (wall fasteners not supplied)
  • Old lath and plaster walls are not recommended.

To install:

You need:

  • A pair of helping hands
  • Drill a drill bit
  • Spanner or screw driver
  • Spirit level. (The real thing or apple/android free spirit level app)
  • Multiplug of your choice

We supply:

  • Floating charging unit
  • Wall fasteners
  • Detailed installation manual

Installation is done in 4 simple steps:

  1. Mark on your wall
  2. Drill holes
  3. Fasten unit
  4. Fit your choice of multiplug inside the unit and plug it into the wall socket

Now you are ready to start using the unit.


How much weight can the unit take?

The unit has been tested for weight-carrying loads of up to 18kg. It is important to note that even though the unit is strong enough, the weight-carrying capability will depend on a strong wall. Walls not suited for mounting of the unit are generally old lath and soft clay brick walls. We suggest you consult a professional craftsman if you are unsure.

The space where I want to put the unit is not close to a wall socket. What do I do?

Simply plug an extension lead into the wall socket and take it to where you have installed the unit. Alternatively if you are not sure you can ask an electrician for advice.

Can I use the unit for a bedside table or a vanity unit?

Yes you can. You can now plug your bedside reading lamp or hair dryer into the multi-plug inside and also use if for a charging station.

The chargers generate a bit of heat. Will it not overheat?

The unit has multiple openings that will act as ventilation holes that will prevent overheating.

Can I put my TV on top of the unit?

If your TV is less than 18kg, you can do so, depending that your wall is strong enough. If you are unsure, rather consult a professional. Make sure that your TV does not topple over when you open it to get to the multi-plug and chargers inside the unit.


Floating Charging Station dimensions


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Important notes:
  • Electronic devices, chargers, wiring and multi-plug not included.

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